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The name's Allison. Living in the great state of WI. Just trying to come to terms with who i'am. This blog is all of the things I stand for and like. Some personal stuff included. Most of all I enjoy photography. Just doing what keeps me happy. Any questions or comments? Ask away. I'am here to help if you need someone to listen to you, talk with you, or even provide some advice. This life is too beautiful to give up on. I promise :)

Self love is not a waste of time, despite the bad days when I want to mentally beat myself up over my body parts that I somehow see as unattractive or unlovable.

I will tell you that it hasn’t been easy so far in my journey towards a more loving relationship with myself. I’m quite frankly almost forcing myself to post these photos, but posting them helps me to just accept the way I’am. I being a dedicated, amateur portrait photographer know that the camera doesn’t lie, as much as I may want it to sometimes.

(These photos are from my homecoming dance at my new high school, the theme was Disney. Not sure if you can tell, but I was Snow White. Kind of a DIY kind of thing, but it still turned out nice.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post these as an exercise of my comfort zone.